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Tester Registration Instructions

Please note: At this time all who requested an opportunity to test up until the deadline of March 5th have been approved and enabled.  Please register to be wait listed and a furture opportunity will likely be presented.   

A new group of testers was recently added but we are always happy to have additional tester applications.  The application process is really simple, you just request to be considered.  If you came here today from the blog you should have noted the referral code.  The referral code is GFCF1.

As we are testing recipes for the new book, we're using a new method of distributing and evaluating the recipes. You'll need to create an account at click the create account button and fill in the information in the top square.  Please be careful when filling in the information because the first and last names used to create the account will be used to credit your work in the book exactly as you enter it.  All fields marked with asterisks are required.

Start with your real name, first and last.  This is the name that will be used for tester acknowledgement.  Next add your username.  Your username is what will appear when you are online in places where
"Who's Online" members are displayed. Next carefully add your email address you plan to use to receive messages about your participation.  The password the last step in this section.

 Part 1 registration process

In the additional information section choose “Participate in Recipe Testing…” so that we’ll know your purpose.

 Part 2 registration process

In the third section enter the referral code from the author’s blog. It is also given in the first paragraph of this article. Indicate whether or not the author may list you as a contributor/tester in the final published work finally please indicate your gluten and/or sugar sensitivities status.

 Part 3 registration process

In the final section enter the wavy letters and numbers in the verification box [THIS HAS BEEN PERMENANTLYH DISABLED AND WILL NOT APPEAR!]

Read and understand the terms and conditions and check the box.  In particular you should note the following as a tester:

1. Any recipe, process or instruction entrusted to you for testing purposes will be held in confidence. 

2. You will not distribute the recipe entrusted to you electronically, via paper print out or any other means.

3. You will not be compensated for your testing work either in cash or in the form of free publications (books, magazines or other printed media or electronic subscription).

4. You will permit the use of your name (first and last) as a tester in any publication that utilizes your testing effort as a way of acknowledging your effort.  While you may request that your name be withheld in the final publication but that request is not a guarantee that your participation will not be listed.

Part 4 registration process

On approval, you will receive a confirmation email. After receiving the email, log into the site and you will find additional options assigned to you in a menu called “My Content’. These will include the recipe(s) you are being asked to test and a review form.  There may also be occasional messages from the author to the testers.

Completing a Recipe Review Survey

To complete a survey after you have tested a recipe click  the appropriate menu item for the survey.  For example "Surveys Recipes 7-12"  in your "My Content" menu (upper left corner).


When finished completing survey for an assigned recipe you must click the button that says ‘SUBMIT”.   If you find it necessary to come back to the survey at a later time you must click the “SUBMIT” button again before walking away from your computer.

When you log in next time and go to the survey page, surveys be available for completion until they are removed. I'll always tell you before I do this to give you time to finish up. It is better that you gather all information to complete the survey in one setting, but things out of our control sometimes require us to revisit to finish.

Only you and the site administrator can see your. Of course the results are shared with Peter on a regular basis. 

The survey is the same for every recipe and you must select the recipe you are describing in the first drop-down box. 

I’m looking forward to working with you on this project.  Please don’t hesitate to write to me with questions and comments.

An important note about pressure, pace and past tester communications

As you begin to test with us it is important to remember that this should be fun for you.  We're releaseing 6 recipes at a time and at times up to 12 may be available to you.  Take on what you can and don't feel like you have to complete the recipes sequentially or that you are obligated to complete them all. 

We've sent out a lot of tester communications and each time you receive one there will be a link back to the site.  It goes the the menu item called Latest Tester Update.  On the site you can review each and every previous tester letter Peter has sent out, and in fact it is a good place to start.

I’m looking forward to working with you on this project.  Please don’t hesitate to write to me with questions and comments.

 Mark Witt, Internet Cooking School and Bread Technique

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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